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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on Qiang Village: Mysterious Oriental Castle that Survived 2008 Earthquake | 5,330 views]
Qiang Village: Mysterious Oriental Castle that Survived 2008 Earthquake

One of the major differences between Chinese architecture and western architecture is the usage of material. Chinese buildings mainly use wood while westerners use stones because of availability of these construction materials. For this reason, Europe has lots of ancient castles preserved through centuries while most Chinese buildings cannot survive the turmoil of hard times.

However, it does not mean that we don’t have good stone buildings in China.

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[28 May 2009 | 3 Comments | 7,913 views]
Top 6 Waterfalls in China with Google Earth Links

[Sources] 1. waywaycn.com 2. by Vincent0923 3. by Kevin.Fai 4. by AhRay 5. by RaMonCy 6. by johnskiller
A waterfall is usually a body of water resulting from water, often in the form of a stream, flowing over an erosion-resistant rock formation that forms a nickpoint, or sudden break in elevation. — wikipedia
Waterfalls in China
Recently I read this list of “The 100 Best Waterfalls in the World” from World Waterfall Database. I was disappointed that none of 100 listed waterfalls is from China. Indeed, China does not have waterfalls that are …

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[22 May 2009 | 2 Comments | 4,502 views]
Li Gui: A Bronze Vessel that Recorded History

Name: Li Gui Bronze Vessel | 中文名: 利簋
Dated to: 1046 B.C. | Culture: Early Zhou Dynasty
Unearthed: 1976 @ Lintong, Shaanxi | Current location: National Museum of China
Dimension: Height 28cm x Diameter 22cm | Weight: 7.95kg

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[18 May 2009 | 2 Comments | 3,034 views]

Sorry for the delay. Again, it’s China Story Carnival time! ho-ho-ho
This time we have more participants. Thanks everyone! And please enjoy these articles.
Our active commentator Zhu presents A Chinese Massage Story at Correr Es Mi Destino.
Relax and Enjoy! Let’s start with a massage experience from Zhu.
I haven’t had a massage since I came back to Ottawa. I’m not sure I’d enjoy the “western-style” massage now… and I have to pay about $70, while in Beijing my two massages averaged $15. I may have to go to Chinatown… Like an SM …

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[17 May 2009 | One Comment | 2,920 views]
Shadow Puppetry: the Oldest Motion Picture Storytelling

China’s shadow puppetry is the “forerunner of film.” — French film historian Georges Sadoul, General History of the Cinema (Histoire générale du cinéma)
History: more than 2000 years old
Originated in China more than 2000 years ago in Qin Dynasty, shadow puppetry is known to be the oldest motion picture storytelling.
Once upon a time in Han dynasty, Emperor Wu was very unhappy when his mostly loved princess consort passed away. One of the most talented shadow puppetry performer went to the royal palace and played a dedicate shadow puppetry for him.
The …