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[16 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Ten Rare Birds of China | 14,339 views]
Ten Rare Birds of China

China has a vast territory spanning 5000km from East to West and from North to South. This vast territory provides one of most diversified ecosystems on planet Earth. And this ecosystem is home to many beautiful creatures. Since this post, I am going to introduce some of the most beautiful wildlife in China. Today, we start with ten rare birds of China.

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[7 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Nirvana Tablet: Buddhist Stone Carving of Tang Dynasty | 1,742 views]
Nirvana Tablet: Buddhist Stone Carving of Tang Dynasty

At 302 centimeters high, 97 centimeters wide, the tablet was originally engraved in 691 AD for Dayun Temple. The temple has been destroyed long time ago in the history. This stone tablet survived and was collected in 1957. Revolving around the key subject of Nirvana, there are six different stories carved on this stone tablet.

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[6 Sep 2010 | One Comment | 10,360 views]
Kang-Ding Love Song: Stories Inside and Outside the Music

Kang Ding Love Song is one of the most popular Chinese folk songs. Its simple melody and vivid rhythm are easy to remember and sing, and its lyrics tell a timeless theme — LOVE.

Behind this famous folk song, there are two stories. One is inside the music – how it was written; the other is outside the music, how it became well-known. Let’s me tell them one by one.

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[28 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Climbing a Tree to Seek for Fish: A Fruitless Approach | 4,262 views]
Climbing a Tree to Seek for Fish: A Fruitless Approach

Cats are our friends. In China, we think cat is the teacher of other cats such as tiger. Why? Because cat can do what tiger cannot do: climbing a tree.

The other thing that always puzzles me about domestic cats is that they like eating fish. How could they have evolved to like eating fish while they cannot catch it? I know there are special specie called “fishing cat”, but I think most domestic cats don’t know how to catch fish. Maybe you readers can help me out.

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[26 Aug 2010 | One Comment | 5,844 views]
Scenic Splendor of China: The Complete Gallery of 114 Most Beautiful Places

National Geographic is a worldwide famous magazine based in the USA. In China, there was a similar magazine. Its original name was “Geography Knowledge”. It was established in 1950 as a specialized magazine. But it was out of public awareness until October 2000, when it changed its name to “Chinese National Geography”.