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[10 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on No More Tricks, Mr. Nan Guo! | 1,724 views]
No More Tricks, Mr. Nan Guo!

I have a weird habit. When I go to a classical music concert by an orchestra, I like to look at the individual musicians on the stage one after another. See their facial expressions and body gestures, see how they enjoy the music by themselves, how they pause and rest, how they response to the conductor, and try to catch some little things happened on the stage, or see if everyone is fully devoted to the performance.

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[18 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Pity of Zhong-Yong: A Wasted Child Prodigy | 4,695 views]
The Pity of Zhong-Yong: A Wasted Child Prodigy

Education is critical to a nation. Nobody would argue about this. Today, in such a technology driven world, a high school diploma is definitely not enough for a decent job.

1000 years ago, a great Chinese poet and politician Wang Anshi told a story about how important education is, even a child prodigy was no exception.

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[25 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on A Matter of Practice: Wisdom of Old Oil Peddler | 4,055 views]
A Matter of Practice: Wisdom of Old Oil Peddler

When we see some people showing amazing skills, such as in sports, playing instruments, juggling, acrobatics, etc., we might talk to ourselves: Geeez, I can never do this!

However, you might not know how many months and years they have been practicing the skill off the stage. They failed frequently and painfully in the beginning. Then they failed less. Someday they started to shine. And finally they made it on the stage in front of you. It’s a matter of practice.

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[13 May 2009 | One Comment | 1,821 views]
Aping a Beauty

“If Marilyn Monroe is the most famous blonde, who is the most famous brunette?”
This is an interesting question I found on Yahoo Answers. Most repliers agree that Audrey Hepburn is the most famous brunette. And I think so too.
Agree or not, Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe, they each represent two typical kinds of female beauty: classical grace and modern sexuality. They are probably the most famous celebrities around the world. No wonder that there are lots of mimics of both of the two. Here I list a few pictures in …

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[7 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | 4,096 views]
Pull the crops up to help them grow

Storyteller: Have you ever grow some plants by yourself, such as flowers, veggie, or tomatoes? I do. I grow some tomatoes in my small backyard. How do we look after the plants and help them grow? It’s a lot of different work, indeed. Watering, fertilizing, flood, heat, disease, insects, wind, cold, weed, etc…, there are lots of things to worry from plant to harvest.  That’s just for casual plant lovers like me, for the farmers whose lives are totally associated with crops, things could be even harder. No wonder a …