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ChinaOnTV.com: a Sketchy but Content-Rich Video Guide to China

Feb 28, 2010


Recently, this blog is getting lots of referring traffic from a website called ChinaOnTV.com. First, I appreciate its referrals. I couldn’t find out which page it referred me. Then I realize it is also a member of China Blog Network. So I got random referrals when people click the CBN widget on its Partner page.

After browsing the website, I think I should review briefly and introduce it to you.

According to their “About Us” page:

ChinaOnTV.com is a U.S. based online video network that produces and collects English videos from all around and about China. In a time when all media about China tends to blow too hot or too cold, we hope to provide some middle ground. Our mission is to continually increase the public’s awareness of China’s history as well as contemporary Chinese life and achievements.

In my previous post, I introduced a youtube video channel – chinesecivilization, which also features lots of China-related videos. Unlike chinescivilization which seems to be maintained by individual, ChinaOnTV.com is much more formal and more like a business or enterprise. This is reflected in its content quality & resources as well as its overall website design.

Although the logo says it’s still in “beta”, apparently it already has lots of quality content. It’s a pure video website. You cannot find much introduction text. Videos are categorized in seven different channels:

Business | Culture | Learning (Chinese) | Travel | City Focus | Cuisine | Cartoon

As plenty in quantity, its video quality is also excellent. It has lots of partners all around the globe which provide them with copyrighted videos. According to a Chinese news report, chinaontv.com was considered a marketing opportunity for Chinese media to get international exposure.

Indeed, there’s still much room to improve for this “beta” website, such as web design, user interface, navigation, text content, etc. Let’s see how it will look when it’s out of beta phase.

Note: I found this site a little sketchy that I have to warn you here.

This website already attracts heavy traffic (alexa rank: 4322 as of 02/27/2010) so far. It seems like a well known respectful website. However, two evidences make it worrisome:


1. Google search hints: when you type chinaontv, google will give you hints like “virus”, “malware”, “spyware”, etc. I guess, it had used these bad things to promote the website.

2. alexa referrals: alexa’s chinaontv.com page shows 77% referring traffic to chinaontv.com was from whatseek.com, which is a marketing site. Usually, you will see most traffic is from search engine or social network.

Anyway, it seems to be a safe website for now and has lots of good stuff. Why not check it out!

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