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Chinese Music Classics of 20th Century – VI/VI: Ballet, Orchestra

Mar 3, 2010

(Continues from: Chinese Music Classics of 20th Century – V/VI: Chamber, Concerto, National Orchestra)

Some stats about Works from Taiwan vs. Mainland

Category Taiwan Mainland
Songs 2 42
Choir 2 15
Opera 0 5
Instrumental Solo 1 17
Chamber 1 6
Concerto 2 6
National Orchestra 1 6
Orchestra 3 12
Ballet 0 2
Summary 12 (10%) 111 (90%)
Note: The works written by composers in their mainland years who moved to Taiwan later still are counted as Mainland works

Reviewing the above list, we can find it’s roughly objective and representative. Opening up the “classic” heart knot, this list is indeed helpful to establish an overall concept of Chinese music in 20th century.

As painstaking as these efforts are, we can take it as musicians’ “big show of the century”, or a “rewarding ceremony”. Now they are on stage, and we might give them some applauds.

Once this drama is over, the list of works were exposed in light, musicians are no longer hidden dragons, and their works are no longer high on the shelves. Now the era of appreciation and criticism has come.

With report card (the list) in hands, the audience will sure evaluate the merit of these works; and Chinese Music will enter a very different musical era.

Ballet Music

Red Detachment of Women

Red Detachment of Women Ballet

作品 Year Composer English Title w. video link
《鱼美人》 1959 吴祖强、杜鸣心 The Beauty Mermaid Ballet Suite 1, 2, 3, 4
《红色娘子军》芭蕾舞音乐 1965 吴祖强、杜鸣心、戴宏威、施万春、王燕樵 Red Detachment of Women Ballet Suite 1, 2, 3


作品 Year Composer English Title w. video link
《台湾舞曲》 1934 江文也 Taiwanese Dance
《故都素描》 1944 江文也 Sketches of the old capital, 1, 2
《山林之歌》 1953 马思聪 The Song of Mountain Forest 1, 2
《貔貅组曲》 1954 王义平 Pixiu Suite
《春节序曲》 1956 李焕之 Spring Festival Overture
交响曲第一号 1959 罗忠熔 Symphony No.1 (Zhongrong Luo)
交响曲《长征》 1960 丁善德 Long March (Symphony)
《花落知多少》 1961 周文中 Do you know the number of fallen flowers
交响曲《大理石花》 1968 张昊 Marble Flower (Symphony)
交响曲第二号《清明祭》 1980 陈培勋 Qingming Worship (Symphony No. 2)
《黔岭素描》组曲 1981 朱践耳 Sketches in the Mountains of Guizhou (Symphonic Suite)
《地平线》 1984 叶小钢 Horizon Line
《敦煌梦》 1985 黄安伦 Dream of Dunhuang
《飞渡》 1988 陈永华 Flying across
交响乐与人声《道极》 1985 谭盾 On Taoism
《红旗颂》 1965 吕其明 A Tribute to Red Flag, 2
《逝去的时光》 1996 陈其钢 Past time
《荒漠暮色》 1998 杨立青 Sunset in Desert
《土楼回响》 2000 刘湲 Echo of Hakka Earth Buildings 1, 2

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