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Listen to Your Doctor

Jan 11, 2009

Storyteller: To see a doctor is not a very happy thing, because that means you have some trouble with your health or at least your body is not at its best condition.  Many kids hate doctors / nurses / clinics because they are closely connected to needle sting,  bitter pill, and painful days. (Honestly, I was one of those kids).  Some adult people don’t like doctors, either; they think themselves as strong and disease-proof.  In their opinion, doctors are just businessmen like lawyers and dealers.  However, that kind of prejudice can lead to vital consequences.

Listen to Your Doctor


Bian-Que Visiting Lord Qi

More than 2, 300 years ago, there lived a distinguished doctor in the Warring States Period of China.  Bian Que, who is the earliest known Chinese physician, is recognized as the father of Chinese medicine.

One day, Bian visited Lord Qi. After a while, Bian told him: “There is some ailment in between your skin; If not cured, I am afraid that it will become worse.” Lord Qi is not happy, said: “I am not sick.” After Bian left, Lord Qi told his servants: “The doctors like to treat healthy people as they were sick, then take as their credit!”

Ten days later, Bian visited Lord Qi again: “Your disease has reached the muscle; it will get worse without treatment “Lord Qi ignored and become unhappy with Bian again.

Another ten days later,  Bian visited Lord Qi for the third time: “Your muscle disease now developed into gastrointestinal disease. If untreated, it will go more in-depth.”Lord Qi ignored and got really annoyed.

Another ten days later, Bian encountered Lord Qi. But this time, he turned around and ran away. Lord Qi sent someone specially to ask him why. Bian explained: “The disease in the epidermis can be treated with hot water; in the muscle, can be treated with acupuncture ; in the stomach, can be treated with herb decoction; in the bone marrow , it is a matter for the God, there is nothing to do with medicine. Now his illness is in the bone marrow, so I have nothing to say. “

After five days, Lord Qi felt pain all around his body, and sent for Bian Que.  But Bian has left for the state of Qin. Lord Qi died before long.


Storyteller: sooooo, no matter kids or adults, do respect and listen to your doctor.
Wish everyone a good healthy body in the new year!

1. 《韩非子 – 喻老》 <Han Feizi>

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2. An easier book: The Web That Has No Weaver : Understanding Chinese Medicine

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