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Chinese Knotting: the Art of Knotting

Like many other traditional Chinese art, Chinese knotting has a long history. It dates back to prehistoric times, when ancient Chinese ancestors tied knots to record events and things in their everyday life.

The phenomenon of knot tying continued to steadily evolve over the course of thousands of years with the development of more sophisticated techniques and increasingly intricate woven patterns. During the Qing Dynasty, knotting finally broke from its pure folklore status, becoming an acceptable art form in Chinese society and reached the pinnacle of its success.

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In A Far Away Land – A True Fairy Tale

This masterpiece soon became popular since its debut in 1939. World-renowned singers, such as John Denver (as shown at the top), Paul Robertson, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and lots of others, have this song as a reserved track, singing all over the world. Conservatoire de Paris included this song into its Oriental Music curriculum.

This is a touching song, but also a moving story. This song, everyone can sing; the story, not many people know.

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Jiang Nan Residential Houses: the Spirit of Water

One major geographic characterisitic that distinguished Jiang Nan from Northern China is its abundance in water resources. Plenty precipitates, lakes, rivers, channels, etc. influenced every part of life and culture in Jiang Nan region, including residential houses.

Jiang Nan houses have a unique sense of simplicity: white wall and black tiles, which represents the humbleness of Jiang Nan people.

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Top 8 Coasts in China with Google Earth Links (II)

Here are the rest four of top 8 coasts in China.

Located 15km south of the famous Bei-Dai-He resort, Changli beach was not discovered for tourism development until early 1980s, when a geographer from Chinese Academy of Science found this 52.1km long beach and called it China’s “Golden Beach”, comparing it to the Queensland one.

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Turquoise Inlaid Ivory Cup: A Luxury Taste of Wine

This ivory cup, using relief, line engraving, inlay, etc. a variety of techniques, is a rare art treasure.

It was unearthed from The Tomb of Lady Fu Hao at Yinxu, one of the oldest and largest archaeological sites in China and is one of the Historical capitals of China and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yinxu is famous as the original source of oracle bones and oracle bone script, the earliest recorded form of Chinese writing.