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DiaoJiaoLou – Stilted Building in Southwestern China

Diaojiaolou (literally means hanging attic) is a residential house with a dense architectural flavor of the ethnic minority (Miao, Zhuang, Buyi, Dong, Shui, Tujia Ethnics) in the southwestern provinces (Yunnan, Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan provinces). The wooden building is built close to the mountain or above the water (creek or river) with an extended floor space. These houses are usually built on slopes with only supporting wood pillars and no foundation and are 100% made of wood without iron.

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Top 5 Karst Peak Forests in China with Google Earth Links

Karst topography is a landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite. — wikipedia
Top 5 Karst Peak Forests in China with Google Earth Links
Southern China is rich in precipitation. The power of water has carved and shaped the rocks into beautiful karst formations. Here I list the top 5 most beautiful karst “peak forest” scenic places in China.
View all in google earth here.
1. Guilin & Yangshuo 桂林阳朔 – The Gallery of Mountains and Rivers
Google Earth | wiki …

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Name: Pottery Vat Decorated with Stork, Fish and Stone Ax | 中文名: 彩绘鹳鱼石斧图陶缸
Date to: Neolithic period | Culture: Yangshao Culture (5000 – 3000 BC)
Unearthed: [email protected], Henan | Current location: National Museum of China
Dimension: diameter: 32.7cm, height: 47cm
A ceramic painting shows a stork pecking a fish, next to a stone ax.

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Huishan Clay Figurine – Painted Sculptures

With a 5000 years long history and a 9,600,000 square km territory, no wonder China has magnificent culture diversity.  Thousands of different types of folk art have thrived and enlightened the country for centuries. Starting today, will present a series of posts about the colorful folk arts around China.
Huishan Clay Figurine – Painted Sculpture
Huishan Clay Figurine made in Wuxi is one of the best-known folk arts in China. And it is also one of the four representative schools of clay figurines in China. It has a history of more …

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My Nostalgia – Contemporary Chinese Music Masterpiece
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Best of Chinese contemporary music ?
Composed in 1937 by Ma Si-Cong, this music is considered as  one of the earliest and best contemporary Chinese music. Although it’s not as famous as the other two, this music, together with “Moon reflected on Second Spring” and “Butterfly Lovers”, was often introduced as the representatives of Chinese contemporary music.
For the Chinese people overseas (for whatever reason, immigrants, study, travel, etc.), this music is particularly touching, not only …