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Scenic Splendor of China: The Complete Gallery of 114 Most Beautiful Places

Aug 26, 2010

CNG Scenic Splendor of China

Since Feb 2009, it has taken me almost a year and half to finish this “Scenic Splendor of China” 22-posts series. Today I can finally make a summary here. I hope you also enjoyed the virtual journey around the beautiful territory of China like I did.

The rise of Chinese National Geography

National Geographic is a worldwide famous magazine based in the USA. In China, there was a similar magazine. Its original name was “Geography Knowledge”. It was established in 1950 as a specialized magazine. But it was out of public awareness until October 2000, when it changed its name to “Chinese National Geography”.

After this kind of copycat name change and related content redesign (to be more entertaining), it soon became one of the most popular magazines in China and had gained huge popularity and credits.

500 page magazine: the thickest issue of all magazines

In Oct 2005, to celebrate its 55th anniversary, the magazine introduced this 500 page issue “Scenic Splendor of China” without any price change. Later a hardcopy version was published. In the following years, it was reprinted three times and could hardly meet the demand.

This “Scenic Splendor of China” selection event was organized by Chinese National Geography, co-sponsored by 34 media in the country. It took 8 months to select the final winners of 17 types (114 total number) of most beautiful landscapes. They are: Mountains, Lakes, Forests, Grasslands, Deserts, Yardangs, Danxias, Karsts, Islands, Coasts, Waterfalls, Glaciers, Canyons, Urban District, Villages & Towns, Tourists Caves, and Wetlands.

As a science magazine, “Chinese National Geography” advocates the ideal of nature and humanity, especially in revealing what effects the process and changes of nature have on human. Another important issue is that it advocates the harmonious coexistence between human and nature, the concepts for us to follow in the relationship between human and nature. So it is so apparent that such a magazine should do such a selection, and the magazine should be proud of doing such a selection.

Criteria: Overthrow the traditional aesthetics

The selection has different criteria in different type of landscapes, while the overall focus is ecological point of view. In this list of “China’s Most Beautiful Places”, many formerly unknown places have been pushed into the center stage of public awareness.

“Chinese National Geography” magazine stated this as three points:

1. To overthrow the tradition: traditional famous mountains and lakes failed to make into the list;

2. To promote new aesthetics: glaciers and yardangs are introduced;

3. To focus on the West: minority ethnic cultures shine.

In a new century, “Chinese National Geography” magazine reveals a most beautiful and natural China to the world from a new perspective , which will promote the aesthetic evolution of Chinese people in the new period.

Please click the individual titles below for the post about each type of landscapes. Note: It was divided into four pages. Click the page number at the bottom to navigate.

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    When I was young, Chinatown was also a place far away from my home. The only lasting meomry I had of the place was when my aunty brought me to the Oriental Theatre to watch Hua Mu Lan. But Lunar New Year was always looked upon with great anticipation because I would have new shoes, new clothes, and best of all, firecrackers. What’s New Year without firecrackers.

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