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Spilt Water cannot be Gathered Up

Mar 17, 2009
Split water cannot be gather up again

Spilt water cannot be gathered up again. by 3sis

Storyteller: Days ago, when I chatted with roommates, I played with my comb trying to unbend it. Suddenly, I broke it into two pieces! My heart broke up, since this boxwood comb was a gift from my father. And I’ve already kept it well for twelve years! I cursed myself and prayed that there could be a miracle as if I didn’t do that stupid thing. Yet, nothing happened. Real life is not as digital world, in which when we press “undo” button or “Ctrl-z”, the things we lose will come back.

Spilt Water Cannot Be Gathered Up

In late Shang Dynasty, there was a resourceful person named Jiang Zi-Ya. He had been worked for King Zhou, but unsatisfied with what the King did. So Jiang quit, and went fishing every day.

In fact, how and why Jiang went fishing is another famous story which we will tell you in future. Anyway, you just have to know that in this case, there was little income in his family. Therefore, Jiang’s wife named Ma was very angry about him and wanted to leave him. Jiang tried to persuade his wife that someday they would be rich. She didn’t believe in Jiang, and left.

Later, Jiang helped King Zhou-Wu overthrow Shang Dynasty, and set up Xi-Zhou Dynasty. And, of course, Jiang gained both wealth and status. Thus, Ma came back and asked to resume their relationship. Jiang poured out a bottle of water, and told Ma to gather them back. Ma tried but only got some mud.

Jiang finally said, you left me, and we cannot be together again, just like the spilt water cannot be gathered up.

Storyteller: Yes, I am still sad about my broken comb. But I can face it now, and use one of the two pieces instead.

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