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[11 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crystal Cup: Unraveling the Mystery of the Age of Hangzhou City | 2,387 views]
Crystal Cup: Unraveling the Mystery of the Age of Hangzhou City

The exact age of Hangzhou City is still unknown. People always say Hangzhou City has a long history of about 2000+ years. However, 2200 years ago, east to West Lake, where Hangzhou City is located now, is still under water. So the ancient Hangzhou city should be originated in the hills to the west and south of West Lake.

With the discovery of this crystal cup, which is a precious vessel that symbolizes the owner’s unusually high social status, historians hypothesis that …

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[25 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on Cup Water in Firefighting | 933 views]

Storyteller: You must have heard the 700B dollar TARP money from the government.  Hope it can help the falling banks and make our economic system run right again. But some people are skeptical.  They think that comparing to trillions of bad assets and leveraged losses the banks have, 700B is nothing, is too insufficient to achieve anything.  There is a Chinese idiom to describe this kind of situation.
Cup Water in Firefighting
One day, a man named “Big Zhao” passed a tea shop, carrying a cart full load of firewood.  He stopped, …