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[12 Nov 2009 | 10 Comments | 21,958 views]
Top Eight Most Popular Chinese Food with Recipes

Last Christmas, my friends Mike and Nicole went for a honeymoon trip to Belize. In the poor remote countryside of this Central America nation, they cannot find any familiar fast food restaurant such as McDonald or KFC. However, they are able to find a few Chinese restaurants. They were so amazed by their existence. Just like a proverb has told: There are Chinese people where sun rises; there is Chinese restaurant where Chinese people live.

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[3 Nov 2009 | Comments Off on Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (II) | 3,087 views]
Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (II)

Three Sacred Mountains of Daocheng consist of three snow peaks: Xian-nai-ri, Yang-mai-yong, Xia-nuo-duo-jie. They are completely separated peaks, but every close to each other, forming a triangle. The geography diversity in this region is gorgeous with snow peaks, cliffs, lakes, prairie, forests, creeks and rivers. When explorer Joseph Rock found this place, he was astonished by the beautiful scene of Yang-Mai-Yong: “Exceptional pyramid-shaped peak Yang-mai-yong, she is the most beautiful snow peak my eyes have ever seen.”

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[29 Oct 2009 | One Comment | 2,436 views]
Chinese Music Classics of 20th Century – II/VI: Songs

Today Chinese music lovers are able to recite complete scores from Bach to Brahms’s; Books such as “Guide to Western Classics”, “300 Western Classical Music” fill the music section of bookstores and personal bookshelves. When it comes to Chinese music, most people would look at each other, without much to talk about.

Chinese lack of awareness of their own music as a whole because that Chinese music had never been in a systematic order, which needs a prerequisite for a broad knowledge of understanding.

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[8 Oct 2009 | One Comment | 926 views]
Ten Books That Shaped China and Chinese

Traditional Chinese culture is so extensive and profound that countless experts devote their entire life only to glimpse a piece. To select best of the best, Mei Chaorong (Wuhan University) chose the most influenced 10 masterpiece books from China’s Qin Dysnasty to late Qing Dynasty, among the greatest achievements, the highest value of 2000 years of Chinese culture. They include one translation work, two classic collections, three history books, and four philosophers.

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[28 Sep 2009 | Comments Off on Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (I) | 11,420 views]
Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (I)

Snow mountains are not a part of traditional Chinese aesthetics for some historic reason, esp. remote mountain region are the territory of minority ethnics. The infamous 五岳 (Five sacred mountains of China) only barely breach above 2000 meters.

When CNG started the Scenic Splendor of China selection, one of its goals is to introduce non-traditional aesthetics to Chinese people. They focused on those remote regions which have been ignored by traditional view.