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The History of Chinese Poker

Oct 19, 2012
Chinese playing/watching poker in a park

Chinese playing/watching poker in a park by qifei@Flickr

Known for their delicious food, stunning architecture and rich history, China is becoming an even more popular vacation destination with thousands of people flocking to see the great sites from The Great Wall of China to the Terracotta Army.

Besides the fragrant food and the historical landmarks, China is also home to Chinese Poker which is a popular variation of the internationally played gambling game. So if you’re a fan of poker, then you might be interested in learning about Chinese poker.

Chinese poker is also known as Pusoy. It is a thrilling and exciting card game which has been played in the Asian community for many years. Due to its exciting nature, Chinese poker has in fact started to gain popularity all around the world. In addition, it is quick and easy to pick up so if you already know a thing or two about poker, then you’re sure to find it really fun and easy to learn.

Even if you’re a beginner, you will probably have a good chance of winning something since it is a game of chance. The great thing about Chinese poker is that the players are not as easily deterred by losses because they can blame their loss on a bad hand rather than bad skills.

However, there is still a huge amount of strategy and concentration required to play Chinese poker.

Chinese Poker dates back to the nineties; the game was played in the World Series of Poker in 1995 and 1996. Some of the first winners of the game include John Tsagaris in ’95 and Steve Zolotow and Gregory Grivas in ’96.

It may not be as well known as Texas Hold’em, but Chinese Poker is still a popular game which is often played as a side game in large poker tournaments. The stakes are much lower here, but some high stakes poker players have been known to play as high as $500 or $1,000 per unit.

American casinos including The Venetian and Bellagio are known for their Chinese poker spread at their poker tables.

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  1. Chris Taylor
    February 16th, 2013 at 23:11 | #1

    Thanks for some info about Chinese poker which I have often stood and watched with almost no idea of what is going on! Still wouldn’t dare to get involved in a game though…

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