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Top 6 Waterfalls in China with Google Earth Links

May 28, 2009

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A waterfall is usually a body of water resulting from water, often in the form of a stream, flowing over an erosion-resistant rock formation that forms a nickpoint, or sudden break in elevation. — wikipedia

Waterfalls in China

Recently I read this list of “The 100 Best Waterfalls in the World” from World Waterfall Database. I was disappointed that none of 100 listed waterfalls is from China. Indeed, China does not have waterfalls that are as great as Niagara, Victoria, Iguazu, or Angel Waterfalls. However, in the vast diversified territory of China, we do have some good and beautiful waterfalls. Here, let me introduce you these top 6 most beautiful waterfalls in China.

You can view all these waterfalls in Google Earth here (KMZ file).

Top 6 Waterfalls in China with Google Earth Links

1. Tsangpo Badong Waterfalls 藏布巴东瀑布 – A hermit in the Great Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Tibet

Till 1994, the Grand Canyon in Arizona had been known as the world’s largest canyon (1880m depth, 400km length). However, since then, the crown is given to Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet (6009m depth, 504.6km length). This region is so hard to reach that not many human beings have ever been able to see how it looks.

On the riverbed of Yarlung Tsangpo River, there are two magnificent waterfalls lies within 600m  to each other.Very little photographers are able to reach these waterfalls, so photos are very rare. Just imagine all the water in the great Yarlung Tsangpo River (The 5th largest river in China, 2nd largest for India and Bangladesh, 1st largest in Tibet) poring down the waterfall, What a magnificent scene it will be!

2. Detian Waterfall 德天瀑布 – A cross-border experience

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Guangxi

Largest cross-border waterfall in Asia joining China and Vietnam (4th largest in the world after Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara falls). The waterfall falls thirty meters. It is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard from afar.

There is another beautiful waterfall called Ban Gioc Falls next to it in the territory of Vietnam.

3. Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River 黄河壶口瀑布 – All spectacular sights in a pot

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Shanxi & Shaanxi

Largest waterfall on Yellow River, 2nd largest in China. When the Yellow River surges towards the Hukou Mountain, blocked by mountains on both sides, its width is abruptly narrowed down to 20-30 meters. The water speeds up with increasing water power. Then it rushes down from the narrow mouth, forming a grand waterfall of 50 meters high and 30 meters wide, as if water is pouring down from a huge teapot. Hence it gets the name Hukou (Flask Mouth) Waterfall.

BTW, from the image, you can easily find out how Yellow River gets its name.

4. Jiulong Waterfall of Luoping 罗平九龙瀑布 – Ribbons on the red earth land

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Yunnan

Along 4km long section of Jiulong River, there are a series of more than 10 falls. Although its flow rate is low (only 18 cubic meters of water per second on average), waterfall series and calcified riverbeds between the falls form a unique view of continuous water stages or “stairs”.

In the same area, there is another scenic place listed in “Scenic Splendor of China”, you can find it in Top 5 Karst Peak Forests of China.

5. Nuorilang Waterfall 诺日朗瀑布 – Brocade in the woods

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Sichuan

Widest waterfall in China (270m). Located in the infamous Jiuzhaigou Valley scenic region, Nuorilang is probably one of the cleanest waterfalls.  Nuorilang means “Male God” in Tibetan.

6. Huangguoshu Waterfall 黄果树瀑布 – Unreplicable strong army

Google Earth | Wiki | location: Guizhou

This one has been crowned as “the largest waterfall in Asia” for its height of 77.8 meters, despite its flow rate is less than Hukou or Detian falls.

[Scenic Splendor of China Series]
This is one post of the Scenic Splendor of China Series. In 2005.10, Chinese National Geography (CNG) selected 114 “most beautiful places” covering 17 different types of scenic patterns. The complete list is here. In Chinese. These scenic places will be covered individually in future.

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中国最美的地方 瀑布

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  1. May 28th, 2009 at 17:14 | #1

    Wow! I want to see some next time I go to China.

    So far, the biggest and more beautiful waterfalls I saw were Niagara Falls in Canada/USA and Iguazu, between Brazil/ Paraguay/ Argentina.

  2. June 16th, 2009 at 13:43 | #2

    I visited Detian a couple of years ago and you can indeed hear it long before you see it. I’d recommend people to go, except it’s so remote… about 2 hours’ travel on minivans, tuk-tuks and motorbikes from the nearest town!

  3. June 16th, 2009 at 14:02 | #3

    I wish I could go all these 114 scenic splendors of China… though I know lots of them are very hard to reach …

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