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Welcome, PocketCultures readers

Apr 9, 2009

Today, Liz at pocketcultures.com introduced China Story Weekly to her readers in this blog post: Stories of China. Thanks, Liz!


PocketCultures is a great blog dedicated to world cultures:

Our aim is to provide a guide to world cultures.

PocketCultures would like to be a place where you can go to find out about what life is really like in different countries that you haven’t travelled to, and hopefully to find even more information, and join in the discussion about countries you have visited.

PocketCultures has three sections: Blogs of the world; Topics of the world; My partner is a foreigner.

When I started China Story Weekly, I also thought about to start a community based site dedicated to world culture, aka. World Story Weekly. Then I realize PocketCultures.com is the one and it is actually doing a very good job.

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  1. April 10th, 2009 at 10:42 | #1

    Thanks a lot for your kind words! There is always room for another site 🙂 But I agree with you that there is much need for sites which can help explain China to the rest of the world. You are in the right position to do that and I wish you all the best.

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