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Copyright & License Statement

Please read through this page for any license or copyright related legal concerns.

Section I: My Obligations (Your rights).

I try my best to avoid violating your copyright.  If any violation happened, please let me know, I will remove as soon as I can.


Most the stories provided are ancient widely known Chinese stories.  So no copyright is applied to stories.  As to comments, most comments are mine.  Citation will be provided if any.


This is the core of this blog.  I will mostly translate by myself. But I might cite other translation, if any, citation will surely be provided.


Images in article: I don’t own any copyrights of the image used in the article.  Just to provide thumbnails for illustration purpose.  Some are free images; some are creative commons images; some are unknown.

Images not in article: Generally, section II applies.

Section II: My Rights (Your obligations).

Generally, all work on this blog is some rights reserved under Creative Commons Attribute-Non Commercial-Share Alike License. Please refer to CC for details. Creative Commons License
This work by Jensen Liu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Thank You. Happy reading!

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