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Porcelain Art’s Inspiration to the World – A Philosophical Commentary

Life is limited, so life is all about to transcend time, and to resist the passage of time. We have comprehended this point in Heidegger’s philosophy. Therefore, as an existence, painting expresses ideas and emotions. It is meant to solidify the time in order to transcend time. Externalization of emotion is mental transcendence of flesh, and expression of idea is transcendence of spiritual world beyond material world. Both have to be accomplished through solidify the time. This relies on its material: canvas, paint, ink, or rice paper, etc.

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The History of Chinese Poker

Known for their delicious food, stunning architecture and rich history, China is becoming an even more popular vacation destination with thousands of people flocking to see the great sites from The Great Wall of China to the Terracotta Army.

Besides the fragrant food and the historical landmarks, China is also home to Chinese Poker which is a popular variation of the internationally played gambling game.

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Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain

”Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain” is a painting of history. It is a vivid portrayal of a important historical fact in the revolution – the Central Red Army arrived in northern Shaanxi after Long March. This part of history is critical, because since then, the focus of the Chinese revolution moved from the south to the northwest.

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Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng: Heaviest Instrument in the World

The excavation of Bianzhong shocked the archaeologists around the world, because two thousand years ago, it is extremely rare in the history of world culture to have such a beautiful instrument, such a magnificent band. The successful casting of Bianzhong not only shows China’s great achievements in bronze casting technology, but also shows China’s level of development in ancient musical temperament. It is a crystallization of high wisdom of ancient Chinese people, and a pride of the Chinese nation.

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His Spear Against His Shield

However, 20 months ago, when Geithner was testifying at the same place as “candidate” for the US Secretary of Treasury, he said, “Obama has strong evidence showing China IS manipulating the currency exchange rate.”

Why are his states inconsistent? I guess it must have something to do with his position then and now. It reminds me a popular Chinese idiom about such self-contradictory. It comes with a 2000+ years old story, told by Legalist Han Feizi.

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China Carnival #19: Fengshui, Carbon Tax

Welcome to the October 21, 2010 edition of china carnival. We have two posts today. One listed 40 books from which we could learn about “Feng Shui”. The other talked about China’s carbon emission and related environmental economics.

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