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Top 6 Grasslands in China with Google Earth Links

[Sources] 1. | 2. Cheng Jie | 3. | 4. 仲夫 | 5. zhang hu | 6.
Grasslands (also called greenswards) are areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses (Poaceae) and other herbaceous (non-woody) plants (forbs). — wikipedia
Grasslands in China
China is one of the richest countries in grassland resources. We rank No. 3 in the world after Australia and Russia. China has 320 million hectares of grassland, which is ranking No. 1 in various land resources of China. It’s about three times of current arable land …

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Simuwu Tetrapod: The King of Bronze Ware

Name: Simuwu Tetrapod | 中文名: 司母戊大方鼎
Dated to: 1,400 – 1,100 B.C. | Culture: late Shang Dynasty, Royal property
Unearthed: 1939@ Anyang, Henan | Current location: National Museum of China
Dimension: Height: 133cm; Mouth length: 110cm; Mouth width: 79cm | Weight: 832.84 kg
The King of Bronze Ware
Weighing almost a TON, Simuwu Tetrapod (or Simuwu Rectangle Ding) is the largest & heaviest bronze ware in the world. It was named after three characters engraved on it: 司母戊. It means “to commemorate my mother Wu”. King Wending of the Shang dynasty created this huge vessel …

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Dear Readers,
It’s Carnival time!
As the only active CHINA carnival on, China Story Carnival officially debuts today! Hooray!
I plan to host China Story Carnival once a month. It is our place to share our experiences and stories about China among all the bloggers around the world. Join us!
In this first issue, we got three submissions. mmm, not so many, but every piece is nice to read. So grab a coffee or tea, lay back to your cozy chair, and start clicking!
Chris presents Farting to Enlightenment posted at Martial …

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How much do you know about China? Another facebook quiz

link(@facebook) : How much do you know about China?
Facebook or Quizbook?
Perhaps it was since last month that facebook started to turn into a quizbook. Different kinds of quiz results fill my home page every day. No app has been as viral as quizzes before. Some quizzes are pretty well designed and fun to take, a lot of the others are poorly made, just to add heat to the quiz craze. Do you think so?
A China Quiz
And I just made my contribution to this fashion. Spent several hours yesterday, I created …

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Chinese Shadow Puppetry: Revived at Longzaitian Theatre

Official Blog (Site) of Longzaitian Shadow Theatre (龙在天皮影) (In Chinese).
Longzaitian Shadow Theatre: the ONLY theatre in Beijing with regular performances.
Faded glory of Chinese shadow puppetry
Chinese shadow puppetry had its prime time during Qing Dynasty. Then after 1840, in the continuous turmoil of social and political instability, the ever-prosperous shadow puppetry was repressed hardly to almost extinction. A little portion was luckily saved as grass-root folk art.
After 1978, when political stability and economic order were re-established in China, both the government and the public started to revive this ancient art. It …