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What?! It’s not Beijing? Yes, and No.
Yes: Beijing is the current capital of P.R.China, and was capital of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty for over 700 years, which is the second longest time.
No:  in some sense, P.R.China is only the current dynasty along with over fifty previous ones recorded in the official historic books. Capital city has kept changing from one dynasty to another, due to political, economical or climate reasons. Among ~3,000 years of China history, over a dozen of cities had served as capital of China.
Which city had been …

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[24 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on Pottery Eagle-shaped Zun Vessel – Guardian of the Tribe | 2,707 views]

Name: Pottery Eagle-shaped Zun Vessel | 中文名: 陶鹰尊
Date to: Neolithic period | Culture: Yangshao Culture (5000 – 3000 BC)
Unearthed: [email protected] Village, Hua County, Shaanxi | Current location: National Museum of China
Dimension: height: 36cm
A Beijing Olympics good-will ambassador

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[21 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on Kite: When Human First Thought about Flying | 3,557 views]
Kite: When Human First Thought about Flying

The earliest flying craft were the Chinese kite and rocket
– National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
Thanks to the Americans for giving us the credit. The real origin of kite is hard to investigate now. Most historians believe that it was invented in China.
The first kite was built with wood by philosopher and engineer Mozi (478 – 392 B.C.). He spent three years to build it, but only flied for a day before broken. Later people used bamboo or animal skin to make kites. In Han Dynasty, Cai Lun invented …

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Horse Racing on the Two Strings of Erhu

A “HAPPY” Erhu masterpiece
For the people who don’t like Erhu, their major complain is about its sorrowful tune. Although you can play whatever music you want with erhu, lots of (maybe most) famous erhu pieces are about unhappy expression such as loneliness, homesickness, life difficulties, sufferings etc. (For example, the most famous erhu piece “Moon Reflected on Second Spring“). Honestly, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s about Chinese culture; maybe it’s inherited in the characteristics of erhu tunes.
However, there IS one famous “HAPPY” erhu masterpiece  “Horse Racing”.

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Storyteller: Days ago, when I chatted with roommates, I played with my comb trying to unbend it. Suddenly, I broke it into two pieces! My heart broke up, since this boxwood comb was a gift from my father. And I’ve already kept it well for twelve years! I cursed myself and prayed that there could be a miracle as if I didn’t do that stupid thing. Yet, nothing happened. Real life is not as digital world, in which when we press “undo” button or “Ctrl-z”, the things we lose will …