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China Story Carnival #3: Visa, Tea, Economy …

Jun 22, 2009
My collection of passport stamps

A visa carnival

Welcome to the Third Edition of China Story Carnival. Thanks to the participants! Please enjoy the following articles~

Zhu presents The Lord Of The Visas posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “I went out twice for a smoke, drank about two liters of water and read all the notes taped on the wall. One of my eyes is wandering. Lack of sleep. Got to get up early if you want to make it to the Chinese embassy.”

In this post, our active participant Zhu shared her experience of getting a visa to China for the Olympic games last year. Although it’s a long procedure, I would say it’s still better than getting a USA one. At least, you did not get a three month long security check 🙁

irontrekker presents Jin Xuan Oolong (金萱) posted at Gingko Bay Life in Tea Cup, saying, “My English is a bit sketchy. Please let me know if I could improve writing in anyway, or another topic is more appropriate. Thanks!”

In this post, irontrekker introduced a type of green tea – Jin Xuan Oolong. Gingko Bay Life in Tea Cup is a blog all about tea. If you love tea, go and check it out.

Phil B. presents The Fall of China posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “All great civilizations have their rise to power and their monumental collapse.”

Phil B. presents China’s Inflation is the World’s Inflation posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Currently, most of the world’s factories are located in China, because China has one of the lowest minimum wages for factory workers and has an almost infinite supply of workers willing to work for these low wages. As a result, China probably has the lowest costs of production compared to anywhere else.”

In these two posts from Phil, he shared some thought about the current environment and resource challenge of China’s booming economy. And personally I agree with him a lot.

That concludes this edition. See you next month~

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  1. July 6th, 2009 at 23:31 | #1

    I would never never never ask for a US visa. Well, thanks God I don’t need it since I’m now Canadian, but I can just imagine the red tape!

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