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Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain

Jan 23, 2011

“Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain (山丹丹开花红艳艳)” is a folk song praising Chinese Communist regime. It is manifested in the style of Shaanxi/Gansu folk songs. Its original singer was famous singer Guo Lanying. It is known as the classic of classics in China.

“Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain” was written/adapted in 1972 from Northern Shaanxi Folk Song “Xin Tian You 信天游” and the East Gansu Folk Song “Getting Work Tune 揽工调”. The two songs are intertwined together. The former has high-pitched melodious, while the latter gives unrestrained passion. The whole song has not only variations and contrast, but also seamless mutual integration.  With open high-pitched melody, fresh and bright tone, it honors the customs of the northern Shaanxi Province.

Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain

”Red Flowers Blooming All Over the Mountain” is a painting of history. It is a vivid portrayal of a important historical fact in the revolution – the Central Red Army arrived in northern Shaanxi after Long March. This part of history is critical, because since then, the focus of the Chinese revolution moved from the south to the northwest. Northwest became the headquarters of the Chinese revolution; Yan’an has become a sacred place of Chinese revolution.

People across the country went on from victory to victory under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, until the establishment of new China. In 1999, the 50 years anniversary of the Republic, China Central Television, has included this song in the “the Classic of the Century” music broadcast.

Guzheng version

Vocal version

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