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[24 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on His Spear Against His Shield | 2,656 views]
His Spear Against His Shield

However, 20 months ago, when Geithner was testifying at the same place as “candidate” for the US Secretary of Treasury, he said, “Obama has strong evidence showing China IS manipulating the currency exchange rate.”

Why are his states inconsistent? I guess it must have something to do with his position then and now. It reminds me a popular Chinese idiom about such self-contradictory. It comes with a 2000+ years old story, told by Legalist Han Feizi.

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[10 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on No More Tricks, Mr. Nan Guo! | 2,016 views]
No More Tricks, Mr. Nan Guo!

I have a weird habit. When I go to a classical music concert by an orchestra, I like to look at the individual musicians on the stage one after another. See their facial expressions and body gestures, see how they enjoy the music by themselves, how they pause and rest, how they response to the conductor, and try to catch some little things happened on the stage, or see if everyone is fully devoted to the performance.

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[11 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on Listen to Your Doctor | 1,399 views]

Storyteller: To see a doctor is not a very happy thing, because that means you have some trouble with your health or at least your body is not at its best condition.  Many kids hate doctors / nurses / clinics because they are closely connected to needle sting,  bitter pill, and painful days. (Honestly, I was one of those kids).  Some adult people don’t like doctors, either; they think themselves as strong and disease-proof.  In their opinion, doctors are just businessmen like lawyers and dealers.  However, that kind of prejudice …