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Morning of Miao Hills: The Romanian Skylark Flies in China

Jun 5, 2009

Those beautiful paintings in this vid is batik art (wax-resist dyeing by southwestern minority Ethnics: Miao, Buyi, Yao, etc.)

Ciocarlia – The Sky Lark from Romania

The Skylark (Ciocarlia) is a famous Romanian folk tune. It’s very well known around the globe as well as in China. Its fast delightful rhythm describes a scene that skylark flies high and free in the sky. It’s one of the best music about birds, and perhaps the most famous around the world。 You’re view it on youtube here.

In 1950s, Romanian musicians were invited to the new China. They played “the Skylark” in their visiting concert and took the breath of Chinese audience. Soon, this Romanian music became popular in China, adapted into various versions by various Chinese instruments. It is now a must have in the repertoire of music concerts.

Morning of Miao Hills: The Romanian Skylark Flies in China

In 1975, Ms. Imelda Marcos, the “Steel Butterfly”, then first lady of Philippines, visited China. Since her son likes to play flute, people decided to show her a set of flute music pieces to greet her. Flutist Yu Xunfa was assigned to play this part.

Lang De

Morning of Miao Hills

In the beginning, he prepared an ancient Chinese classic and a Chinese folk tune, plus the Romania Skylark. The first two were approved but the skylark was not because a Chinese version of Skylark was preferred.

One night before the actual performance, the infamous Chinese music composer Mr. Bai Chengren was assigned to compose a Chinese version of skylark over night. Since he never hear skylark chirps in China before (I guess we don’t have them or not many), he decided to make it general bird music instead. Then he remembered the morning of Miao hills when he was visiting the minority villages. Soon he composed this Chinese version sky lark: Morning of Miao Hills.

Mr. Yu practiced with the composer in the late night (probably early morning). He even drilled a new hole on his flute in order to play a high note. In the greeting concert for Imelda, she was impressed by this music. She stood up and told Chinese official: “This music is very good. Could you give me a copy of music sheet? So I can give it to my son”.

Yangqin version

Violin version and copyright infringement

Soon after its debut, this music became well known to the public. But unfortunately, there is a not well known copyright infringement with this music.

Later that year, a famous composer Chen Gang asked Prof. Bai for a copy of the music. He wanted to adapt it into a violin version. Later, when Prof. Bai received a copy of the published adapted violin version, he found the author is Chen Gang with big print on the front page. Only at the last page, there is a note with small font that read: adapted from namesake flute music by Bai Chengren.

After a couple of years, the note is gone in newly published sheets. Nowadays, most credit for this music was given to Chen Gang. Isn’t it sad?

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