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[19 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Blind Men and An Elephant | 4,436 views]
Blind Men and An Elephant

This famous story is not actually an “original” Chinese story. It was recorded in a Buddhism canon, so it is probably from India.

You might have heard various versions of this famous story. Here I am going to present the original version from the Buddhism canon. After that, I will add my little contribution to this classic fable story. Hope you will like it.

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[25 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on A Matter of Practice: Wisdom of Old Oil Peddler | 4,495 views]
A Matter of Practice: Wisdom of Old Oil Peddler

When we see some people showing amazing skills, such as in sports, playing instruments, juggling, acrobatics, etc., we might talk to ourselves: Geeez, I can never do this!

However, you might not know how many months and years they have been practicing the skill off the stage. They failed frequently and painfully in the beginning. Then they failed less. Someday they started to shine. And finally they made it on the stage in front of you. It’s a matter of practice.