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China Story Carnival #2

May 18, 2009


Sorry for the delay. Again, it’s China Story Carnival time! ho-ho-ho

This time we have more participants. Thanks everyone! And please enjoy these articles.

Our active commentator Zhu presents A Chinese Massage Story at Correr Es Mi Destino.
Relax and Enjoy! Let’s start with a massage experience from Zhu.

I haven’t had a massage since I came back to Ottawa. I’m not sure I’d enjoy the “western-style” massage now… and I have to pay about $70, while in Beijing my two massages averaged $15. I may have to go to Chinatown… Like an SM girl, I’m now addicted to rough massages!

Mark Koester presents Hearing the (Un)Expected and Finding the (Un)Mistakable: Est-ce que tu m’entends? at The Mystic Atheist.
I (Jensen) know a little Francais, but not enough to fully read the Francais in this post. Mark shared his experience of multilingual and multicultural montage experience.Welcome

“Est-ce que tu m’entends hey ho ! Est-ce que tu me sens hey ho !”
These French words pulse hollowly from my neighbor’s cellphone as he and his younger female companion finish their bowls. He must be well over thirty, his friend “around” twenty.

Mark Koester presents Knocks and Noises at The Mystic Atheist.
In Chinese cities, no matter big or small, there are usually heavy and thick steel door in apartment buildings for security reason. Mark shared his thought about this.learning chinese

There is a knock in the night. Its sound is sudden and unexpected but not aggressive nor energetically angry as it echoes metallicly through the double doors of my apartment. I hear it in wonder and unknowing as I’m pulled back from somewhere else.

Peter Micic presents The Emperor’s Harem in Late Imperial China at an imperfect pen.
Peter talked about the private life of Emperors of China’s last dynasty.


The private life of the emperor and his harem is the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster or best-selling biography. We might look at the emperor’s sex life as repetitive, mechanical, his palace women little more than toys to play with until a son appeared. After all, the Son of Heaven had to produce celestial sons.

Peter Micic presents Chinese Language Learning Software at an imperfect pen.
Another post from Peter. He shared some discussion about Chinese language learning software.Begin at the Begining

Not so long ago I was sitting next to an American executive at 35,000 feet. He was intently studying the Lonely Planet’s Mandarin Phrasebook. It was his first visit to China. He had traveled the world and got an enormous kick by mastering a few stock phrases and words of foreign languages……

Colin Timberlake presents Training Log: The 2009 Arnold Classic 5K Pump and Run- Day 29 at colintimberlake.com.
In this training log of Colin, he shared some notes about Bolo Yeung – an “innovator who combined martial arts and bodybuilding.”

Today’s training inspiration (right) is a man who is not terribly well-known in North America, but who has made a significant contribution to many disciplines, from martial arts to cinema to bodybuilding and strength training.

Pete Spurrier presents Tibetan tales: the making of a novel at The Blacksmith blog.
In this last post, a Hong Kong book publisher shared some words on a book about a Tibetan fairy tale – Pelma’s tears.
Potala Palace

Hong Kong movie star Francis Ng Chun-yu (吳鎮宇) is more than an award-winning actor… he’s also a director, scriptwriter and now the author of Tibetan fairy tale Pelma’s Tears.

Did you enjoy these China stories? Hope I will see you again next month!

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  1. May 21st, 2009 at 22:16 | #1

    Interesting choice of articles! And thanks for putting mine as well…

    I’m glad I can read about Chinese culture through your blog. I love that country, and learning more about it makes my day 😉

  2. May 29th, 2009 at 17:39 | #2

    Since I share about Norwegian culture, its always interesting to read about others and this was a great one – very readable – thanks for sharing!

    Btw: Thanks for following me at Twitter and your kind DM.

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