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Chinese Civilization Channel @youtube: the Best China Channel

Dec 29, 2009




This is a video uploaded by Chinese Civilization Channel at youtube.com . This pipa piece is the most viewed one of its 风华国乐 (Grace of Traditional Chinese Music) playlist. It’s from a fusion genre music album 琵琶相 (Pipa images) composed by neo-traditional musician Lin Hai. This track is named “琵琶语 (The Narration of Pipa)”, which becomes popular after using as soundtrack in a Chinese film “Letter from a Strange Women”.

This is just one example of videos uploaded by Chinese Civilization Channel. So far, I found it the best “China” channel on youtube. Since joining youtube on June 19, 2008, in about one year and a half, this channel has uploaded 13,400+ high quality videos organized with 147 playlists. It has attracted 4,400+ subscribers and ~12 million total upload views.

This is quoted from its profile:

Broadcasting quality videos. We bring you the magnificent Chinese civilization with its rich heritage, diverse culture and colourful people. Broadcasted mainly in Mandarin, Tibetan and English languages.

It’s hard to believe that it’s a single individual maintaining this great channel. But the profile information does suggest someone living in Australia is in charge of this channel. You can read more about him on this page.

Actually, I’ve noticed this channel a few months ago. My first impression was “ChinaBlog.cc is not alone, this guy is doing the same (and better) job to introduce Chinese culture to the world”. At that time, he was also trying to setup a website “chinesecivilization.net” to aggregate all these videos. But it seems he gave up and that website is now out of service.

Just indicated by its name, Chinese Civilization Channel covers a whole wide range of topics about ancient and modern Chinese civilization, including but not limited to, news, Chinese language learning, history, music, festivity events, culture, movies, opera, art, military, etc.

Go have a look, I think you will love this channel! My favorite is this 风华国乐 (Grace of Traditional Chinese Music) playlist.

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