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[28 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Climbing a Tree to Seek for Fish: A Fruitless Approach | 5,019 views]
Climbing a Tree to Seek for Fish: A Fruitless Approach

Cats are our friends. In China, we think cat is the teacher of other cats such as tiger. Why? Because cat can do what tiger cannot do: climbing a tree.

The other thing that always puzzles me about domestic cats is that they like eating fish. How could they have evolved to like eating fish while they cannot catch it? I know there are special specie called “fishing cat”, but I think most domestic cats don’t know how to catch fish. Maybe you readers can help me out.

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[16 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Never Lie to Your Kids – Why Zengzi Slaughtered the Pig | 2,891 views]
Never Lie to Your Kids – Why Zengzi Slaughtered the Pig

“Confucius’s children did not know about swearing at others, and Zengzi’s children did not know about anger. This could only come about because the parents were good at teaching them.” Zengzi’s method of teaching his children has been admired throughout history.

Here is a well-known ancient story about Zeng Zi teaching children.

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[2 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on 50 steps laughing at 100 steps | 4,866 views]

Storyteller: Today I will tell a story about a world-wide popular idiom. According to wikipedia, there are at least 29 different versions of this idiom in different languages. The English version is: “Pot calling the kettle black”.
50 steps laughing at 100 steps
During the Warring States Period of China, there was a king in the state of Liang. He liked to drive his people into war fighting with neighboring states. One day, he met Mencius, and asked: “As a king, I think I govern the state fairly well.  If there is …

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[9 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on Confucius puzzled by kids | 2,493 views]

Storyteller: Around 2,500 years ago, in ancient China, it was the time of Spring and Autumn period and Warring States period.  Although it was wrought with chaos and bloody battles, it is also known as the Golden Age of Chinese philosophy because various thoughts and ideas were developed and discussed freely, an era of great cultural and intellectual expansion in China.  There are “Hundred Schools of Thought”, and some of them don’t respect the Confucius as others do.  Here is one example.
Confucius puzzled by kids – by LieZi
Confucius was traveling …