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[17 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | 6,088 views]
Ten Websites about China and Chinese Culture

Eight hundred years ago, expediter Marco Polo had to travel a LONG strenuous way from Europe to China in order to introduce the two civilizations to each other. Now, in the New Millennium, life is much easier than ever before.

With the help of internet and World-Wide-Web, we can instantly access information on the other side of this planet. Culture exchange is realtime. If you can not visit China, that’s fine. There are lots of good websites online devoted to intrducing China and Chinese culture to the rest of world. Here I list ten of them for you.

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[13 Aug 2009 | One Comment | 1,448 views]
Ten Flickr Groups About China and Chinese Culture

Flickr has a huge stock of “China” photos. Flickr has provided a very smart rating system for image quality and popularity; and its huge community also help “favor” and “group” out the best images.

There are probably thousands of “China” related Flickr groups. Here, I selected 10 of them as my favorite “China” groups. With the help of diligent members of these groups, we will see the “stunning” side of China.