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Ten Folk Music for A Happy Chinese New Year

Feb 8, 2010

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is the happiest moment of year for Chinese people.  Happiest moment must have happiest music. Here I selected ten happiest Chinese folk music for you. Wish you a happy new year of the tiger!

Folk festival music, a major tributary of Chinese folk music, has strong characteristics of secular music. It is good at the expression of lively scene of carnival, and rendering festive atmosphere. Usually it is played with uninhibited, bold, highly expressive musical instruments, such as the suona, gongs, drums and so on.

Here I also recommend this CD if you are interested in a Chinese New Year Music Concert. It is played by Vienna State Opera Orchestra in 2003 conducted by Chinese director Peng, Jia-peng.

2003 Chinese New Year Concert In Vienna

1. 春节序曲 Spring Festival Overture video

2. 金蛇狂舞 Wild Dance Of The Golden Snake video

3. 喜洋洋 Boisterous Elation video

4. 花好月圆 Beautiful Flowers with the Full Moon video

5. 彩云追月 Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon link

6. 闹新春 Celebrate New Spring video

7. 步步高 Rising Higher Step by Step video

8. 娱乐升平 Prosperity Everywhere video

9. 八段景 (Yanshan) Eight Sceneries video

10. 采茶舞曲 Tea Harvest video

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