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Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (II)

Nov 3, 2009

This post continues a previous post Top 10 Mountains in China w. Google Earth links (I)

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A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area usually in the form of a peak. –wikipedia

6. Three Sacred Mountains of Daocheng 稻城三神山 (6,032m, 5,978m, 5,958m) – Landmark of Shangri-la
Google Earth | Wiki | location: Daocheng, Sichuan

Three Sacred Mountains of Daocheng consist of three snow peaks: Xian-nai-ri, Yang-mai-yong, Xia-nuo-duo-jie. They are completely separated peaks, but every close to each other, forming a triangle. The geography diversity in this region is gorgeous with snow peaks, cliffs, lakes, prairie, forests, creeks and rivers. When explorer Joseph Rock found this place, he was astonished by the beautiful scene of Yang-Mai-Yong: “Exceptional pyramid-shaped peak Yang-mai-yong, she is the most beautiful snow peak my eyes have ever seen.”

These sacred mountains rank 11 out of 24 Buddhist sacred mountains. Around 8th century, Padmasambhava declared sacredness to these three peaks, named them after three Bodhisattvas: Xian-nai-ri (Avalokiteśvara), Yang-mai-yong (Mañjuśrī), Xia-nuo-duo-jie (Vajrapani).

央迈勇神山(文殊菩萨)(5958m)(Kamiyama Yangmaiyong,Sichuan,China)

Yangmaiyong | by {link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/uib/3288275314/}utpala{/link}

7. Qogir 乔戈里峰 (K2, 8,611m) – Distant mysterious region
Google Earth | Wiki | location: Taxkorgan, Xinjiang

“Qogir”, which means “tall and majestic” in Tajik, is known as “K2”, the second highest peak in the world. As the highest peak of Karakoram range, K2 is surrounded by three other 8,000m+ peaks (4 of 14 8km+ peaks are here). So this region is the second major center for climbers after Qomolangma.

Although K2 is 200m+ lower than Qomolangma , it is much more dangerous and harder for climbers because of its extreme weather and steep slopes. It’s much more challenging than the highest peak.

8. Gangs Rin-po-che 冈仁波齐峰 (6,638m) – Residence of Gods
Google Earth | Wiki | location: Pulan, Tibet

Kailas range lies between the northern Karakoram range and the southern Himalaya range, like a dragon lies on the Ngari Sanai region of western Tibetan highland. Gangs Rin-po-che, the highest peak of Kailas range, rises high on the Pulan highland with its pyramid-shaped top.

Gangs Rin-po-che is a world-wide known sacred mountain. It is crowned as the center of world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, native Tibetan Bon, and Jainism. Although it is not the highest mountain in this region, only its permanent snow peak has special eye-catching shiny reflection under the sunshine. In addition, its unique shape can easily be connected with spiritual religious significance.

9. Mount Tai 泰山 (1,533m) – Totem of Huaxia (Chinese civilization)
Google Earth | Wiki | location: Tai’An, Shandong

As the first of “Five Sacred Mountains”, Mount Tai is a symbol of the Chinese nation, the epitome of splendid oriental culture, the sustenance place of “The Harmony of Nature and Human” ideology. It has been included in the World Natural Heritage List in 1987.

Since ancient times, it is considered the symbol of social stability, prosperity, national unity. Regardless of who became the emperor, the first major event was to worship Mount Tai. It has thus become the sole mountain that received regular emperor worships.

10. Mount Emei 峨眉山 (3,099m) – Rise from basin to heaven
Google Earth | Wiki | location: Leshan, Sichuan

Emei is one of the “Four Buddhist Mountains in China”. Located at the southwest edge of Sichuan basin, Emei rises sharply from the low basin Chengdu plain (400~500m) to 3000m+ within a short range. This makes it an exceptional scenic region with lots of deep valleys, high peaks, waterfalls, cloud seas and forests.

There are many Buddhism monasteries in the Emei mountains. The most famous one is the “Golden Top” on the highest peak as shown in the picture.

[Scenic Splendor of China Series]
This is one post of the Scenic Splendor of China Series. In 2005.10, Chinese National Geography (CNG) selected 114 “most beautiful places” covering 17 different types of scenic patterns. The complete list is here. In Chinese. These scenic places will be covered individually in future.

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