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A Papercut Artwork by Chinese President Hu

Feb 21, 2009

President’s Artwork

Can you imagine President Bush singing a Texas folk song or President Sarcozy carving a sculpture of Venus? mmm, it must be interesting to see that happen. Here, as the photo above shown, it is a traditional Chinese papercut artwork cut by Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2007. During the Chinese New Year time of 2007, he visited a village in Gansu Province and made this papercut to share the happiness of New Year with the host family.

A couple on their way to visit her parents

On this red square piece of paper, it shows a man pushing a cart in which was sitting his wife. They were on their way for a holiday visit to the wife’s parents. Well, this is kind of old school or traditional scene. Nowadays, I guess they should be driving a BMW, Ferrari, or at least a Toyota Camry.

On exhibition

In August 2007, this papercut was on exhibition at the Eighth Chinese Folk Art Festival. All the visitors were surprised and did appreciate this papercut by our national leader.

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