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Dance of Yao Tribe – Shall We Dance?

May 4, 2009

Dance of Yao Tribe at Golden Hall, Vienna

Composed by Liu Tie-shan and Mao Yuan in the 1950s, this music is a representative of contemporary Chinese music. Sometimes it is also translated as “Dance of (the) Yao People”.

According to some references, this music was firstly composed by Liu Tie-Shan as a folk dance tune named “Dance tune of long drumz” when he was touched by the happiness of dancing Yao people during traditional festival. Then Mao Yuan modified some parts of it into a western style orchestration.

Later, the great Chinese Orchestra music composer Peng Xiu-Wen modified it into a Chinese Orchestra version, which became famous and popular around the world as you’ve seen in the video above.

A Yangqin solo version

Personally I prefer this Yangqin solo version than the orchestra version above.

A pop song based on this music

You can see Yao dancers wearing colorful traditional Yao clothing in this video.
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民乐 瑶族舞曲

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